What to expect

Chinese Kung Fu has been around for centuries and spread globally. AT Forest Edge we teach to a syllabus that ensures that the student to a progressive understanding of the style and benefits. We don't teach unpractical acrobatics that you sometimes you see in the Chinese art movies. We believe the art is for everyone that has a dedication to learn. 

Step forward
Sometimes learning a martial art can be a very daunting thing to do. You often go through mind chatter in your brain, I'm not fit yet or I have not got the time or I am shy I don't know anyone these are the often statements we hear but you need not worry. We cater for everyone's nemesis's and help people to grow and become strong with our well balance system. All you need to do is to turn up to the first lesson which is FREE there is no hard sell because we want students to understand and benefit from the class.

What to wear
Just wear some loose clothing and some water and its that simple. Just book your place for the free session.