I was introduced to Martial Arts by my dad as a young boy, but it was meeting Robin that really set me on my Kung Fu journey; I had found an exceptional teacher, mentor and friend. His teaching showed me a depth and elegance to Kung Fu that is hard to find and my first lesson had me hooked. Robin's passion and dedication have been a constant inspiration through my years training with him and ever since. Forest edge will always be a second home..

Andrew Djokic

- Yorkshire

I have been a part of Forest Edge Kung Fu for nearly three years and although I haven’t been training as much as I would have liked to recently; I thoroughly enjoy being part of it. The training is hard but very rewarding, the style of Kung Fu we are taught is not only exciting but has useful practical applications.

Our instructor is very much a people person but instills discipline, and the members are all very friendly, to the point that you feel that you are a part of a family, which is spread not only nationally but globally.

Richard Light

- Hampshire

Kung-fu is part of your life. Your journey is up to you, defence techniques, understanding your body mechanics, confidence, fitness, spiritual element, destressing from daily life. You never stop learning. just part of your weekly routine adjusting to life's balance that you need at the time or you can take it much further. For me, it's helped me through very stressful times, have strong bonds with my kung fu family, given me great confidence and I love learning more

Joanne Priest

- Hampshire

6 years ago I sent my 5-year-old son to train with Robin and before long the whole family was hooked. Such a passionate and supportive instructor, group and Kung fu family. 

Working with Robin has allowed me to focus and balance other aspects of my life outside of just the fitness aspect of training. His support and contagious motivation allowed me to focus on my goals, which in turn gave me the confidence to make the life changing decision to change my career and go to university. Even though my life is now too busy to train, we still have contact and I know I am welcome to return as soon as I can. 

Highly recommend to anyone, regardless of age or ability.

Gayle Jordan

- Hampshire

There are different martial arts around my area and being a avid MMA fan I really didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to learn something that will help me protect myself and my family. All I can say the training is real.

The honesty in teaching is brilliant a real caring teacher. I have even trained with sifus teacher from Hong Kong Master Mark Houghton, which opened my eyes to reality of combat and how powerful Kung Fu actually is. I always leave the lesson wanting more!

Doug Baines

- Hampshire

At first I was a bit daunted at the prospect of leaning Kung Fu but soon realised that it was for me!

In addition to the physical fitness that develops naturally from training mental clarity and confidence also increases.

I find that I can cope with life's challenges far more easily now - it's as if your 'mind's strength develops' in the same way as your physical body.

Kung Fu for life - highly recommended.

Rhodri Morgan

- Hampshire

Sifu Robin Adams is a man of real integrity and deep knowledge of the martial arts as keen and enthusiastic to learn as he is to teach and share his growing repertoire with his students.

Robin's classes are the perfect blend of physical conditioning and the honing of techniques giving students a real understanding of their practical, normally devastating applications.

Gary Venturi

- Hampshire